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Fuzzing Weekly

03. February 2023 | CW5

Google continuously improves OSS-Fuzz’s infrastructure and expands the language support to cover C/C++, Go, Rust, Java, Python, and Swift. Now, as part of an ongoing collaboration with Code Intelligence, Google announced to add support for JavaScript fuzzing through Jazzer.js. Learn more.

From: Oliver Chang

Reachable coverage quantifies the effectiveness of a fuzzer by measuring the number of code elements in its search space. It cannot find bugs in unreachable code. Using static analysis, we can estimate reachable coverage, but cannot determine it precisely. In this scientific paper, security researcher propose a statistical approach to improve accuracy of the estimation as analysis runtime increases. Learn more

From: Danushka Liyanage, Marcel Bohme, Chakkrit Tantithamthavorn, Stephan Lipp

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